The Secret of Happiness?

angel-17045_640What’s your secret to happiness?

We all have those little things that make us happy.  Could be your kids, a good book, bullying, chocolate, or some other weird stuff. “Happiness” comes in different shapes and sizes. For some, it’s all about money. Others say health first. I met this guy who said freedom is everything. “Being married for men is like being in jail!!!”, he added. Every man to his thoughts. 

A group of scientists have come up with 10 reasons for happiness.

Read their reasons below and say whether you agree or disagree.
Make you own or rearrange this list to suit you.

1. Your genes
Some people are born happier than others; it’s all in the genes.
2. Being married
Married couples are happier than single people and people living together without being married.
3. Friends and family
People with large families and many close friends are happier than people without family or friends or living alone.
4. Not wanting more than you’ve got
You will be happier if you just accept what you have instead of expecting success in your career, relationship, etc.
5. Helping others
You feel happier when you help others.
6. Religion
Apart from the fact that your religion can make you happy, some very religious people can expect to live longer lives.
7. Being attractive
Being physically attractive makes you feel happy. Cosmetic surgery does not necessarily make you happier.
8. Growing old
Old people are happier because they have more time to do things they enjoy.
9. Money
Money can buy you a certain degree of happiness when you are poor. Being rich or having enough money is another story.
10. Intelligence
Getting on well with people is more important than being intelligent.
*list adapted from the Daily Mail 2/10/03