Using ‘Do’ or ‘Make’

When and how to use “do” or “make” can be quite confusing. Using these verbs in other languages can be a lot easier.

For example:

 In French, ‘do’/’make’ is indicated by the verb “faire“. 

In Spanish, the verb “hacer“.

In Chinese, that’s another story.

Using ‘DO’

  • Use ‘DO’ for activities related to any kind of work, an action or  a task


Do homework

Do a job

Do the shopping

  • Use ‘Do’ with words like anything, nothing, something, etc. ( to give only a general idea of an action)


Please do something to help her.

He did nothing to save the dog.

General Expressions with ‘Do’

These are fixed expressions.


Do damage

Do your best

Do your hair

 Using “Make”

  • For creative activities, including construction and building


Make a dress

Make a toy house

Make a road / bridge

  • For the preparation of food


Make a sandwich

Make a cup of tea

 General Expressions with Make

Make an effort

Make a mess

Make a mistake 

Note: The best way to master using Do or Make is to learn by heart.

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