Toothless Bulldog

head-46365_640 rToothless = no teeth

Bulldog = breed of dog with short hair, muscular body, fierce look

Meaning: A toothless bulldog will bark, look tough and intimidating, but will take no further action (it can’t bite you because…well, you know the answer to that).  So you have nothing to fear or worry about from a toothless bulldog.


If you say…

Someone or something is a toothless bulldog, that person or thing is inefficient, ineffective, useless, powerless, incapable, weak.


1. My boss is a toothless bulldog. My colleagues come late to work, sleep on the job, do whatever they like, and he does absolutely nothing about that. 

2. The level of disrespect that Tyron’s kids show him, sometimes I can’t help thinking that he’s just a toothless bulldog who’s too afraid to discipline them properly.

3. The new anti-alcohol law is simply a toothless bulldog. I don’t see how it would stop people from consuming alcohol whenever they want to. 

 Are you or someone you know a toothless bulldog?