From China With Love

This page is dedicated to all my students in China.

You are my pride and joy. No matter where life takes me; no matter how many oceans separate us, you will always, always be in my heart. I love you all.IMG_0503

They had this to say about me:

  • Dear Lilian,

When I first saw you, I thought you are very beautiful and like a flower! In my mind, you are the best teacher I have met. You not only teach us how to learn English well, but also teach us that we can find a lot of interest when we are learning English. I will remember the time we spend together, we sing together and we play together. you are a friend of us. And I’m proud of being one of your students. Thank you for your hard work and kindness!

陈芳 Brunty

  • Dear Lilian,

How time flies! One year has already passed. And now, you will leave us now! First, I wish you have a good time in another country. Memorizing the passed year, I believe that we enjoyed ourselves! Still remember the first time we met, at that time, almost all of us were shy, we would not like to say in the class. it was full of silence in the class. You were disappointed and angry, you said that if we didn’t say something in class, we would not gain any mark. To tell the truth, most of us were afraid to have this class. But, during this time, we change ourselves. We find that there are so much fun in your class, and we like you have this class, and are willing to say something in the class. And when we heard that you are leaving, we are very sad. How we wish you could stay and go on teaching us! But, it will never 
come true. So, we try our best to take pictures with you. you can imagine how happy we are when we are taking pictures with you. I believe that the days we stay together will become my happiest memory. To be honest, I wish the time would go back, and that I would have such a happy life another time. But, to my disappointment  I can’t change the fact. So, I know the only thing I could do is wishing you a happy life in another country. I will miss you very much!
郑英杰 Cindy


  • Dear Lilian

It’s a pity that you will go but I think it’s very good for you to have another kinds of life. I hope you can enjoy your life. I love you forever. You’re my first foreign teacher during my life. Because of you, I’m very confident. I’m brave enough to say something using my own English, so I want to say thank you! It’s very lucky for me to be one of your students, you are a very good teacher, and I hope I can see you after some years. Too much things I want to say. I hope I and my class can give you a memory to remember.


  • Dear Lilian

I love you very much though I haven’t talk to you very often. I love you smile. For a period, I always dreamed you in my dream that we talked happily. It’s a pity for me to lose so many chances to talk with you as every Tuesday evening I just said ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to you. Than you for teaching us and helping me improve my oral English. I love the way you teach us. Best wishes to you. And I will miss you all the time!


During this year, I have leart many things from you and my oral English also improved. I think you are a good teacher, you always make the class vivid and make us happy. It’s a pity that you only teach me one year. I wish you can also teach me next year! I will miss you! Never frown, even when you are sad, because your smile is very beautiful! Best wishes to you! I’ll never forget you!



  • Dear Lilian

Before I saw you, the sophomores said that you were very strict. So I was afraid to meet you. But after I saw you, I found that they were wrong. You are kind and humourous. And I like your lessons. You gave me lots of happiness. The past doesn’t exist except in our memory. Nor the future, except in our expextations of it. You will become my beautiful memory. I can remember that I said I liked xiang ba lao chicken wings and you said you also liked it. I can remember the song you had sung. In a word, I can see you in my brain. Hope you a good time wheveever you go.

楼青 Tulip



You are the best teacher I have ever met. You have your particular teaching method. In your class, we can seize every opportunity to show ourselves and are very active. We are playing an important role. Because of you, I become confident. Say what I want to and do what i wan to. To a certain extent, you stimulate my confidence and imagination. So I am always active in your class. You are a woman of great charm. You can let others get close to you and like you. Your classes are filled with various activities. I get lots of happiness from them. I really like you and am not willing to let you leave. I hope you could share joy with us. At last, wish you peace and happiness!

Yu Liyan (Fish)


It’s really my good luck to meet you – a so beautiful and happy English teacher. In the past one year, you bring us so much happiness and knowledges. And we have our first close contact with a African teacher. It’s fresh and fantastic experiences. Thank you to give us so much unforgettable memory. Thank you so much!



Dear Lilian,

I’m so sorry to hear that you will leave Taizhou University soon. You are a so kind teacher. It is your smile that gives us such deep impression  No matter where you go, you are our best teacher, also our best friend. Thank you for making video for our class. When we look back to our past, when we watch the video, we will remember that there is a friend in the other country. You are welcome to Taizhou, and you are welcome to China.



Of course, wish you have a good journey! I’ll never forget your sunny smile and your healthy skin! Above all, have a ideal husband and send me your happy photos!