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1. Vanessa R. asked: what’s the difference of gig and concert?… and what is correct a big hug or a big embrace? Have a nice weekend too!! and I like your page!!

Answer:  A concert is a live performance, usually musical, before an audience. A gig is a slang for concert. Hug and embrace are synonyms, and are both acceptable. However, “a big hug” is more commonly used.

2. Kang Wang asked: “Is there any difference among “sometimes”,”from time to time”,”every now and then”?”

You can find a definition and usage of  “sometimes” here

“From time to time” and “every now and then” are similar in meaning. Both mean “occasionally”.
1.  She craves chocolate EVERY NOW AND THEN.
2. EVERY NOW AND THEN, John visits his dad in Toronto.
3. My mother calls me FROM TIME TO TIME to ask how I’m doing.
4. Pat is quite busy with his work, but he tries to cook for his wife FROM TIME TO TIME.
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